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Spiro is based in Florida but has been making waves around the world.. & even has a venue named after him in Costa Rica.

After dropping a track with DaBaby, Spiro partnered up with RhymeSick to elevate the world with music and women as hot as the beaches he writes it on.

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Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor. Never before has the microphone been attacked by a flow so elegant. Ian exhibits a masterful midwest chopper style that draws from the realms of Hip Hop, Rock & Roll, and EDM.

While most artists focus on the dark or light side, Ian tends to embrace the art of balancing  them, using his art as the catalyst.

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Doc Suess

Wyoming Born.
Colorado Livin.
California Dreamin.
Nationally known.
Globally heard.
Universally sound.

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Straight outta Baltimore, Qü began making music at the young age of 6. During his life journey, he began producing at age 15, which only served to boost his enthusiasm to expand his craft. After graduating, Q knew he wanted to make music his career and dedicated his life to it.

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Cody Hall aka AlpHaMatic has resided in the cores of RhymeSick since day one. Risen from the rubble and ash of self-destructive behavior, Matic embodies truth through human experience and a healthy distrust for absolute authority.  Always a person before the persona - As above, so below.

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Statik G

Statik G's music is fueled by his bone-crushing hustle and determination almost as much as he is. RhymeSick's CEO isn't just the American Hustler, he's a man of the people, and he's here to unite the globe once and for all.. whether anyone likes it or not.

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Nikrok LaCoste

Nikrok the Drummer is no stranger to hip hop. He's toured with RhymeSick, Strange Music & even played Red Rocks in Denver, CO! Nikrok joined the dream team officially and is now amping it all the way up, by learning to DJ AND DRUM at the SAME! DAMN! TIME! And after 4 years of sobriety, LaCoste learned happiness is a choice, but it's not an easy one. His advice: Learn to love yourself and the rest will fall into place.

Breaker Boyz Krue

All things bad ass.

The nation's largest Harley Davidson stunt crew is the BREAKER BOYZ KRUE

We envision a world built on love, light, and freedom for all and believe that starts with good music made by good people, for good people.

It's all about the vibes 🌎

our idea.

Offer new opportunities, ideas and tools to help tomorrow's leaders save the world today, by helping ordinary folks do extraordinary things

Everyone deserves to be happy, and to feel sad, and to be upset; Emotions are the music of our soul and they're what make us human.

Knowledge is power,
balance is key
and nothing is absolute.

our philosophy.
our goal.

to make you feel and look amazing.

Our Team.

Our premier record label has become the dream team & the future of entertainment. Our team features skilled entrepreneurs from around the world with extensive training, who specialize in a range of abilities to better service you and create the best version of yourself.

Statik G

Celebrity Hustler
& Touring Artist.

Jason Giordano

The Big Flex, Boss, Guru.


Handles the money.

Alexis "Lex"

Comedian. DJ. Marketing Pro.

Ian Taylor
Lead Booking

Rap Star. He just works here.

& Promotion

Hustler & Crypto Specialist

Doc Suess

You've met him somewhere.

Benny Brappo
Stunt coordinator

Hennessy & Hand Drags.

R$C Developer

OG Crypto Wizard; Airplane Mechanic

R$C Community Leader

Globally Loved; Crypto Aficionado

Merchandise MGMT

Your merch is handled with care ❤️

Graphic Design
& social Media

Graduating college before most do high school.

COHO Beatz
Executive Producer

Exclusive Bangers; premium sound.

Louie Cohen
Graphics & Visuals

Brings the vision to life.


life is good, music is better

How do I know if I'm a good fit for RhymeSick?

As a lifestyle brand and premium label, we tend to be selective with our clientele. That said, we offer most services to the general public as well if the fit is right for both parties.

If RhymeSick isn't the best fit for your needs, we'll recommend someone we trust to handle them. We offer consultations from $200-$1000/ hr to make sure you're in good hands, whatever your needs may be!

Who are we?

We started as a small business in Denver, CO and within a few years, expanded into the movement you know today. We’re independently owned, no corporate strings attached!

Not only that, we’re led by and partnered with real lifestyle brands and industry innovators across all spectrums. Built on a strong foundation of hard work and lifetimes of awesome experiences, RhymeSick is the only brand of its kind.

How do I buy Rhyme$ick Coin?

Loaded question gets a loaded answer! You'll need to check out our white paper or go to RhymeSick.Finance! It starts by having an exchange to purchase cryptocurrency, a wallet to store crypto, and using a swap / dex to trade for R$C. Head Here for more information and Click Here, DM us and ask for "help" for step-by-step instructions on how-to-buy Rhyme$ick Coin.

Where are your studios located?

Our recording studio for audio is stationary and located in Denver, CO. Our film set-up however is fully portable and can accommodate most needs.

Contact us today for more information about music videos, audio recording, engineering, beat production and more!

Do you ship RhymeSick merch over-seas?

Yes! We are able to ship all of our merchandise around the world and eventually will take all forms of payment, including crypto currency, to make obtaining your RhymeSick gear as easy as possible.

Our Prices
Tour & Event Booking
International Tour Booking
Price Varies

Since 2017, RhymeSick has been the go-to, independent booking agency that artists on all levels trust. We're not coporate slime or greedy businessmen: RhymeSick was built FOR independent artists BY independent artists!

Event Promotion
Price Varies

Ground Team. We don't just specialize in global networks, we stay grounded with local street teams with our hands in solid show promotion.

Music Festivals
Price Varies

Ain't no party like a RhymeSick Party cuz a RhymeSick party don't stop! Our music festivals attract fans from all over the globe. Lose yourself in the MUSIC..!

Artist Management
International Music Distribution
starting at 10%

We're not selfish. But we're selective. Give us your best!

starting at 10%

Rep your squad! Every day is game day at RhymeSick.

Website Development

Ditch your mailbox. It's all about digital presence these days.

Recording & Multi-Media Services
Recording Studio & Engineering
$35-75 / hr

If you're in Denver, CO or willing to travel, we can provide hourly studio for $35-75/hr depending on our engineer.

Air BNB? More like 420-friendly Ritz Carlton, with a STUDIO!

6 hour session + multi-media content & 1 night @ artist suite.

Music Production
$1000 Exclusive

We not only have top tier instrumental production from our in-house producer COHO, we out-source to the BEST around the WORLD including Stafford, Qvntxn, Taysty & more.

Music Video Film & Editing
starting at $2k

We have a diverse team of the best photographers & videographers in the world, including Louie Cohen of Epidemic Media, Sam Silkworth & Rafael Laurent.

starting at $1k

You got a brand, we got a solution. Advertise with us!

Graphic Design
starting at $75

Don't underestimate the power of looking good.

Brand Partnership
Sponsorship Opportunities
Price Varies

We are open to sponsors and in some cases, SPONSORING.

Holla 🤙

starting at $200

It's not what you know.
It's WHO you know..

...now you know who to call.

Brand Recognition

Utilize our services to get exposure for your brand!

Brand Agency
Price Varies

We can help build your brand from the ground up. No worries!

PR & Marketing
starting at $1k

Creative branding & promotion to fit anyone's needs & budgets

Gaming &
Crypto Currency
Rhyme$ick Coin & Smart Coins

Some say money is the root of all evil.

You're right.

So fight fire with fire.
Become the millionaire.

Financial Education

Many countries make you pay for education and worse: don't provide any financial education to the public. 🤮 We decided we would not only give free financial information.. we'd give investors a safe place to invest while they learn! 

Meet: Rhyme$ick Coin

Game Development
Now Hiring!

As if hip hop, activism, cryptocurrency, and financial education to free the minds of the people wasn't enough.. we are now in the space of Game Development! Educators like Lem, masters of Unreal Engine 5 like Joe Jack and many others are coming together as God Mode Studios to create RhymeSick: Life of a Hustler which will not only create the only hip hop RPG ever, but also create in-game job opportunities. We can say this because nobody will understand HOW.. til WE do it.
Game on!

Crypto Currency Development
starting at $10k

You want a crypto currency developed? We got you. 

book now.

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