Statik G


Statik G - President/Founder/Co-Owner of RhymeSick, Executive Producer, General Manager, Lead Booking Agent, Tour Manager

's founder, Statik G, is the underground's favorite mental patient. He's been labelled "The Drug of the Underground" by fans, referencing the addiction only his music can 
tame. As The Ghost of Hip Hop, he plans on reviving the hip hop and horrorcore scenes to the glory they deserve. After his birth in the coldest parts of Alaska, he moved as a baby to the darkest parts of Wyoming, where Statik would grow like a wild mushroom until he finally made his way to Colorado years later. He's racked up several aliases over the years, but everyone knows him as Statik G or Statik Gesus.



     Statik G is a force to be reckoned with. He is everything and nothing at the same time; A shadow in the dark; A reflection in the light. He was gifted with a paintbrush for a tongue and is able to dance with words like a flame. Though once a shunned outcast, he has built his name into one nobody will soon forget. To miss out on this music is not just a disservice to yourself, it's a slap in the face of anyone who could have benefited from you showing them the new sound.
     Gesus spent 2016 on the grind, headlining tours for the first time in his career; he also learned tour management and booking, and started working on a 2017 spring break tour with Lil Wyte. Now with nothing he can't do, the underground is blowing up with that Statik G shit and that RhymeSickness!

     The mental genius continues his legacy in 2017, taking over state after state until the Hip Hop Revolutionary War is won and the hip hop rapture finally takes place and exposes the fake and the half-hearted. Though his world views are looked down upon, they are slowly opening eyes worldwide. His dark side allows those equally sick to vent through his sound and also provides comfort and inspiration to those who realize you can actually do whatever you want to do, and that it's not just a lie. And while most still don't know the name, they will. #StatikG #ItsAStatikGThang #StatikGShit #StatikGesus


Statik G



Name: Statik G

Affiliates of RhymeSick Records: 
Lyrikal Snuff Productions (signed to label with AlpHaMatic)
Death Lab Productions
Gritty Musick 
Slo Pain
Wyte Music

Statik Gesus
The Red Devil
Mr. G (Mistah G)
Poppa Pill
Homicidal Asshole
Dr. Good Dick; The Doctor
Ghost of Hip Hop; The Ghost

The Godfather

Age: 27
Eyes: Green (changes colors)
Hair: Red (changes colors)
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 210 lbs

Only if I'm Stoned EP - 2007 (Independent)
Exiled Child - 2007 (Independent)
The Malevolence - 2008 (Independent)
Mental Problemz - 2008 (Independent)
Fuck'd Up Shxt - 2008 (Independent)

Trained Killaz EP - 2008 (Independent)
Sophistikated Psychopath - 2008 (Independent)
Empty Pockets - 2009 (Independent)

Underneathe the Underground - 2009 (Death Lab Productions)
America's High - PRESCRxPTION - 2011 (Death Lab Productions)
Statik Attack - 2013 (Independent w/ Joe Campbell)
Slightly Sober - 2013 (RhymeSick Records)
Founding Godfather mixtape - 2014 (RhymeSick Records)
7 Years of Statik mixtape - 2014 (free gift for signing up for email newsletter)
Faded Static - 2014 (RhymeSick Records)
The Bad Guy - 2015 (RhymeSick Records)
All Out of Normal: Act I - 2016 (Lyrikal Snuff Productions/RhymeSick Records)

As well as being featured on 25+ CDs from 2009-2013


Upcoming Releases
All Out of Normal: Act II - 2017 (Lyrikal Snuff Productions/RhymeSick Records)
Terrorist - 2017-18 (Lyrikal Snuff Productions/RhymeSick Records) 

Faded Static: White Noise (Statik G and Fade) - 2018 (RhymeSick Records) 

Free Base (Biskit and Statik) - TBA (RhymeSick Records)
Cide Effects (PRESCRxPTION) - TBA (RhymeSick Records/Death Lab Productions)
Statik G and Doc Suess present: Doobies and Boobies mixtape - TBA (RhymeSick Records)


Shared the Stage with:
The Game, All of the Bone Thugs n Harmony, Tech N9ne, R.A. the Rugged Man, Anybody Killa, Hed P.E., Kung Fu Vampire, Axe Murda Boyz, Yin Yang Twinz, DJ Unk, T-Pain, Paul Wall, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Baby Bash, Wrekonize of !Mayday!, Twisted Insane, Gray Skull, Shawnna, Krizz Kaliko, Lil Wyte, Potluck, Hawthorne Heights, Kutt Kalhoun, Jelly Roll, Great White, Rittz, Esham, Doomzday, Brotha Lynch, Liquid Assassin, R.O.C., Mastamind, Slaine, CES Crew, LSP, Gritty Musick, Slo Pain, and much more, as well as performing the Gathering of Juggalos twice so far.