Fade - Artist, Promoter

    Fade has been impressing local rappers and fans alike with his uncanny freestyle abilities. Known in the 307 as one of the greatest freestylers, he's tore up show after show leaving jaws dropped and eyes wide open. His flows have an almost nostalgic feel that bring back the roots of hip hop fused with a new age knowledge, combining to create one of the most unique styles in the game.

     Though he's turned head after head with freestyles, he's never enjoyed the process of sitting down to write. In 2013, he decided to put that behind him and began writing full length songs that he recorded in BeastEater Studios. Since then, he and Statik have come together for one of the most insane collaborative efforts in music history. Combining Fade's rhythm and style with Statik's concepts and ideas, they've created a masterpiece. 

     Fade is also the first artist officially signed with RhymeSick Records. The freestyle genius is the first official emcee aside from Statik G to be directly signed to the company. His first release was the collab album "Faded Static" that released August 2014. He plans on releasing his newest piece, Black Trash, 2015 as well as the follow up to Faded Static, Faded Static: White Noise sometime after.




Name: Fade

Faded Static (Fade and Statik G) (RhymeSick Records)
Black Trash - Coming Soon (RhymeSick Records)

Brock Christian - TBA (RhymeSick Records)
Faded Static: White Noise - TBA (RhymeSick Records)