Dizzle - Artist, Promoter


    Dizzle made his entrance into the underground hip hop scene several years ago and has been making a splash ever since. He made his humble beginnings in the small town of Enid, Oklahoma, before scaling the underground ranks and proving his dominance. D-I-Double is also a DJ and is known to get a party poppin' like a bottle, never disappointing with his grimey, underground sound. Even after surviving his throat being gashed open at an event he threw, Dizzle has hit the road and gone on tour. 

     Blurred Vision was his first full length, debut mixtape. It featured classics like Raided, Itz a Party, More Bottlez, and Puff n Pass (which would later be remixed and put on his Move Around EP featuring Twisted Insane). Dizzle decided to go on his first tour with MMMFD, which was coincidentally Statik G and AlpHaMatic's first tour as well. A Deluxe Edition of Blurred Vision was created to promote himself and was spread across America in the hands of showgoers nationwide. During the Random Acts of Violence tour, the whole team formed a brotherhood that bonded the team and later led Statik G and AlpHaMatic to signing him.

     D-I-Double has made his presence known in the underground, and shortly after touring, he went back to the studio. In a short time, Dizzle dropped his latest EP, 'Move Around' (available now) that showcases 5 brand new tracks (including featuring Statik G and Insane Poetry) plus a remix of Puff n Pass featuring Twisted Insane. After dropping this EP and receiving rave reviews, AlpHaMatic and Statik G knew what had to happen. Their homie and brother joined the ranks and D-I was officially signed to Statik Entertainment as the first non-Wyoming/non-Colorado resident, planning on dominating the underground with the rest of the team.


Name: Dizzle

Young Capsule

Lost and Found (Independent)

Blurred Vision (Independent)
Blurred Vision Deluxe Edition (Independent)
Move Around EP (RhymeSick Records)
Untitled Solo LP - 2015 (RhymeSick Records)