AlpHaMatic - Artist/Promoter, RhymeSick Studios Mgmt

     AlpHaMatic has been doing his thing with Hip-Hop for years now. He had his humble beginnings with his crew the pHormula, who opened up for a plethora of artist across the northwest region, from the legendary KRS-One to west coast rider, The Game. He was always enthralled by music and was heavily influenced by hip hop in CA, WA, and ID where he was raised. Watching his dad play guitar as a kid was a huge part of his life, and AlpHaMatic knew that he wanted to have his hands in music in some way.

     It started with poetry. After being published in 6th grade, his passion started to become more than a hobby. A few years later marked his first steps into the realm that is music. Combining his beloved poetry with instrumentals, he began lacing his words into the beats, receiving praise for his intelligent rhymes. Cody Hall formed the group "Opposition" with a few other local emcees in 2001 and also created Sound Sella Productions.

     They released some underground projects and it didn't take long before Cody took to the stage. AlpHaMatic was born; Casper became the birthplace while the northwest became the bridge. Opposition disbanded and in 2005, he joined a hip hop 'super group'. With E.T. (Examine the Truth) and Philosophy, The pHormula began turning heads and became a force to be reckoned with.

     The pHormula described themselves as "Ear opening Hip Hop with enthralling lyrics over phenomenal beats which raises your fists, touches your heart and ignites artistic passion." Their sound was catchy, but not commercial and conscientious, yet managed to avoid being preachy. The pHormula was driving to create a style that symbolized the ancient law of originality. The formula for this law is "There is No Formula", hence the title of their final project "No Formula".

     The pHormula was hitting shows in the Eugene/Portland, Oregon area for over 5 years, performing at every major venue in the area. Though they hit the northwest region the hardest, all three emcees are actually from Casper, WY. The youngest member of the group, Cody Hall, was also back and forth from Washington, where he'd spread their sound wherever possible. They were making a big buzz in underground hip hop, but the group decided it was time to move on.

     After years of collaboration within the group, they decided to split ways. They separated, but AlpHaMatic wasn't ready to put down the reigns yet. He hit the pad once more and started a new, solo adventure into the music world.

     Matic put out a couple projects -- Do Work mixtape, M.U.S.I.C., and AlpHaMatic -- all of which got raving reviews and included collaborations with the 307's finest, including DJ Nyke, Doc Suess, Statik G, MC Viruz, Yogi, Biskit, and much more., as well as his old group mates in the pHormula.. Shortly after the group broke up, Matic created BeastEater Musick -- a label dedicated to bringing out the 307's best talent. While cranking out his own music, he was solely responsible for recording all of America's High, Statik Attack, all of Biskit's albums, High Gravity, and helped Statik relearn how to mix and master for Slightly Sober.

     Currently, AlpHaMatic has partnered with Statik to hit America where it hurts. Instead of trying to power through every venue they can, they've decided to strategically take over the underground one step at a time. 

     Over the years, A-Matic has shared the stage with many big acts from the underground as well as the mainstream. KRS-One, Atmosphere, The Pharcyde, Esham, The Game, The Coup, Common Market, Blue Scholars, 2 Live Crew, ABK, Grayskul, Bone Thugs n Harmony, Kool Keith, Baby Bash, Paul Wall, Flobots, Ying Yang Twins, Shawwna, DJ Unk, Lyrics Born, Zion-I, Cappadona, Doomtree, P.O.S., Blueprint, Braille, and Classified. to name a few. Over time, he's become one of the most driven artists out of 307 and is helping Statik pave the way for a brighter future and better music.     


Name: AlpHaMatic
BeastEater Musick Affiliates:
Statik Entertainment (sister company)
Lyrikal Snuff Productions (signed to label with Statik G)
RUN 307 Productions
Bread and Butter
Family Tree Kru
Death Lab Productions
Green Digi Entertainment
Raging Family
The Lower Class.

SkillsVury DopeBoy

Always Gonna Be... - 2001 | Opposition (SoundSella Productions)
Sharply Blunt - 2002 | Opposition (SoundSella Productions)
Tune In - 2003 | Opposition (SoundSella Productions)
Truly Honest - 2004 | AlpHaMatic (SoundSella Productions)
Mixed Sessions - 2005 | AlpHaMatic (SoundSella Productions)
Smelling Salts - 2005 | Examine (pH-PowerHouse Productions)
What The pH!? - 2006 | The pHormula  (pH-PowerHouse Productions)
DJ Kay Slay Presents: Best of The Northwest - 2006 | The pHormula
Track Town Compilation - 2007 | The pHormula  (GroundWork)
No Formula - 2008 | The pHormula (pH-PowerHouse Productions)
M.U.S.I.C. - 2009 | AlpHaMatic (pH-PowerHouse Productions)
Do Work Mixtape - 2011 | AlpHaMatic (BeastEater Musick)
AlpHaMatic - 2013 | AlpHaMatic (BeastEater Musick)
Status Unstable - 2014 | AlpHaMatic (RhymeSick Records)
In First, Out Last - 2014 | Opposition (RhymeSick Records)

Upcoming Releases:
Sticks to Stages - 2015 (RhymeSick Records)
Civil Chaos (Statik G and AlpHaMatic) - 2015-16 (Lyrikal Snuff Productions)
AlpHaMatic/Tone Tailor (TBA)
BeastEater Musick/Bread and Butter project (TBA)